Wednesday, April 14, 2010

On Beauty (beyond man´s finger)

And the entire world vibrates. The world behind the walls shakes emulating the heart of man (or the other way around). I cannot see or touch the fins of glory, yet glory shines its iridescence on the eyes of the young: Here is New York! Here is New York! The poet reaches for the unreachable sky and the idle wrestles a defeated romance in the lower shadows. And although the poet cannot say that a Technicolor leaf quivers its way down from the tree to the vibrations that flutter in the throat of the nightingale; and although they don’t let the muses in at the door and beauty is slapped around and whored; and although Christ is not born again for fear of a more brutal sentence; the world vibrates, indifferent to man.

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  1. Hola!!!!!!!!!!! Tanto tiempo Quiquin, donde andaras? Yo estoy en Buenos Aires, estudiando para un final (sigo igual...como veras). Vos que onda? Donde estas y que estas haciendo? Subido a algun caballo seguro. Bueno contame de vos! Yo estoy a pleno con fotoperiodismo y con la fotografia en general...beso gigante quique!


Los Fantasmas de Camaron y Paco

Los Fantasmas de Camaron y Paco